Pfft “Get your tiny friend off me.” Subaru would probably be looking over it and trying not to be overwhelmed by the cuteness of it all trying to look all poker faced XD

(Oh my goodness, that’s adorable. Subaru cannot handle the sight of his friend and his boyfriend being cute. XD)

Oh my god I think that would probably be Kamui’s reaction to be fair. Thank you for that it made me laugh XD

(Pfffftt! You’re welcome! I’m so glad I could make you laugh. XD Kamui wouldn’t have the heart to shove Haruka away and just deal with being used like a pillow. Like, “Subaru. Subaru, help. Get your tiny friend off of me.”)

"Sleepy, Much?" [[She calls revenge]]

Send me “Sleepy, much?” to talk to my muse, as they’re half-asleep.

(Good, Raine. You get revenge on this rich little bugger. >:’3)


"No." Haruka answered simply, eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at the television. Tiredness was apparent in his eyes, but he was being stubborn and refused to admit how sleepy he was. He rubbed at one of his eyes, murmuring, "You’re sleepy.”

Sleepy much? XD

Send me “Sleepy, much?” to talk to my muse, as they’re half-asleep.

(A sleepy Haruka will probably be pretty cute. Or strange. Depends on what he ends up saying, I guess. XD)


"I’m not even tired a little bit." Haruka responded stubbornly to the question, having just caught himself from almost falling asleep on the older boy. Again. "I could stay up…" He paused, a small yawn escaping him, "All night…"

Subaru: I bought you puppy (cause big brother Subaru wants to give his little brother figure a companion so he isn't lonely ^.^)

Send “I bought you a puppy!” for my character’s reaction.

(D’awww. Subaru, you are the best big bro. <3)


Upon hearing the knock at the door, Haruka went to answer it. He opened the door and wasn’t surprised to see Subaru outside, considering that he had been invited over, but he was surprised to see the older boy holding a small dog. He turned his confused gaze from the dog to Subaru, about to ask why he had brought the animal.

"I bought you a puppy."

Blinking in surprise at the words, Haruka continued to stare at his friend, somewhat in disbelief. A puppy? He had bought a puppy for him? Finally speaking he said, “Really?”

He looked at the canine again, eyebrows furrowing. Well, it was rather cute. But, how was he supposed to take care of it? He had never owned a dog in his life. There was no way he could properly take care of-

The boy’s thoughts were cut short, feeling Subaru hand the puppy to him. He looked up at the other briefly, hesitantly taking the dog into his arms. He carefully petted the top of its head, a bit unsure of how to go about handling the animal. A sniff and a lick was given to his hand, bringing a soft smile to his face. Okay, it was very cute.

"Thank you, Subaru." Haruka said, flashing his companion a smile. Maybe it wouldn’t be too troublesome to take care of the puppy.


If Haruka fell asleep on Subaru he'd probably just smile at him softly and let the boy sleep. If he fell asleep on Kamui he might find it a little awkward but probably would let him sleep on him.

My muse falls asleep on your muse while they’re sitting together. What does your character do?

(dashjklfg Oh gosh, that is so sweet. :’D Subaru would definitely be super kind and let Haruka use him as a pillow. The sweetheart. I just picture Kamui kind of awkwardly stuck there like “This child is sleeping on me. Want to move. But won’t. I shall just let him sleep for a bit.” XD)

*suddenly kicks down the door* Hey Haruka, guess what! I got you a puppy!

Send “I bought you a puppy!” for my character’s reaction.

(Oh, Nori, you’re so kind! But, I’m not sure how Haruka will react to having a puppy suddenly dropped in his lap. XD)


The loud, startling sound of the door bursting open caused the graduate to jump and turn around in shock. Staring wide-eyed at the doorway, he blurted out, “N-Nori…”

Letting out a heavy sigh and closing his eyes, he clutched at the top of his shirt. Well, that was definitely terrifying. Before he could get out a word to scold his companion, he finally processed what the other had said. Puppy? Wait, what? He opened his eyes and looked at Nori, finding the older boy standing in front of him with a small dog in his arms.

"You… You bought me a puppy?" He finally asked, gaze going between his friend and the canine. Blinking a couple of times, he just stared at the animal. He wanted to protest and ask how he was expected to suddenly take a dog under his care, but none of that came out. Instead, he silently took the puppy, carefully holding it in his arms. He gently petted the fur on its back, looking at Nori again.

"Um… thank you." He said softly, a faint smile on his face. Well, he could deal with the consequences later, right?


Send me “Sleepy, much?” to talk to my muse, as they’re half-asleep.

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"I got 99 icons and none of them match this situation"

-All of us at least once (via jets-muses)

The second to last gif in your gif folder is your muse’s reaction to the power going out.






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