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Oh, that felt nice. He had to fight back the urge to turn around and see who was stroking his raven locks in fear that they would stop. It felt amazing and if they kept at it he was sure he would nod off from being so relaxed.


"A-ahh…feels good.."

"T-thank you. I think as long as you don’t want to get a haircut anyone can pull it off.." Because that was all that was behind the long hair. Not for some fad or certain fashion sense but purely out of dread of a salon. 


"Ahh, yeah I do." He had found that out long before then. He had enough for ponytail, pigtails, hell he could probably even get a bun fixed in his hair if he tried hard enough. He usually kept to simply pinning a side back though. "I guess that’s kind of silly, for a guy to have enough for pigtails. 

"No, I don’t think so. If you’re happy with the way that you look, then it’s fine." He paused a for moment, a small, amused smile tugging at his lips. He teased him again, saying,  "Besides, you would look cute with pigtails. Shall we try it?"

The boy had never really played with someone’s hair before, but he was surprisingly enjoying it. He wanted to see what kind of styles he could put the older male’s hair into.


(First off, Souta is the most precious. Secondly, I deeply apologize for the end of Tokyo Ghoul destroying you. And thirdly, Haruka wants to meet this cutie. <3 Haruka's gotten a reputation of crashing into people when meeting them, so here ya go: "I'm sorry! I really should watch where I'm walking...")



(Awwsalkfjsaf thank! /o\ yes it is hurting a lot of people right now, its almost unreal T___T but of course the two cuties meeting will defiantly cheer me up!~)


"O-oh no, it’s a-alright.." He looked down at the other male with concern. The sudden bumping in had surprised him as he had been off in thought but he was more worried if he was hurt or not. "A-are you..you okay? It was my fault too.."


"Y-yeah, I can do that." He nods and takes the lead but still lingers enough to walk beside Haruka. Like he had pointed out earlier it wasn’t too far down the street and they were there in just a few short minutes. 

"Here it is, the sign isn’t too flashy so it is a little hard to miss.." He opens the door and lets the boy in first before entering himself. They stood in a small little cafe with comfy chairs alongside the usual tables you see in similar establishments. There was a small display for snacks, from cake to turnovers and other small treats. Thankfully for Souta the coffee smell overpowered the pastries scent. "W-would you like to order first?"

He followed the older male as he led the way, surprised to find that it barely took any time at all to reach the shop. The sign definitely was a bit difficult to spot. Well, at least he knew to keep an eye out for the sign if he ever wanted to visit again. He stepped inside first when the door was open for him, hit with the aroma of fresh coffee. The smell of cafes were always appealing to him.

Haruka blinked and looked up at the other boy when he spoke. “Eh? Oh, um, sure.” He looked over at the menu on the back wall, briefly checking out what they had. The little pastry display caught his attention right away, but he needed to figure out what he wanted to drink first. “Um, I think that I’m going to get Jasmine tea. What about you?”


(I'm running a tad bit low on creative juice at the moment, but here's sleepy!Haruka to get an interaction started.) He was clearly far more tired than he thought, having already nodded off a few times. He caught himself each time, until his head accidentally landed on someone's shoulder. He lifted his head as soon as he realized what he was rudely doing, blinking up at the stranger and a faint frown tugging at his lips. He looked away and murmured, "Um, I'm sorry."



"Quite alright." Muraki shifted in his seat to cross his legs. "A little dangerous to be out and about in that condition isn’t it? You might injure yourself." 

"I suppose that would make me less of a stranger wouldn’t it?" he said, placing his hand against Haruka’s chest to feel his heart. "I am Kazutaka Muraki..and your heartbeat is noticeably irregular."

Before the boy could give his own name, he blinked and looked down at the hand on his chest. He glanced back up at the comment, becoming slightly flustered by it. “Oh, um, is it?”

Shying away from the touch, he shifted a bit further back in his seat and cast his gaze down. He raised a hand to his right ear, grasping his earring and toying with it gently. For a person that wasn’t easily intimidated, this guy was managing to make him feel that way. The doctor definitely seemed somewhat strange. He really couldn’t tell if he was dangerous or not.

"I’m Haruka. Haruka Kujo." He said shyly, speaking again after the short period of silence and continuing to touch his earring.


("Why would you lie to me?" and I suppose it might not be terribly angsty since they don't know each other that well yet. Unless you wanted to do a bit of a timeskip. Actually, I think it will still hurt, regardless. ;;)



Tatsumi stood there for a moment, letting the words sink in. Of course he had not wanted to lie to the poor boy and even now he felt slightly ashamed of having done so. Tatsumi had never meant any harm when it came to Haruka; he was a sweet boy. But Tatsumi had more than just Haruka to worry about. He had to protect the others along with the division, which was a world Haruka should have no business with if the boy could help it.

“Haruka, I…”

He stopped, wondering just much he should tell the other. Could he divulge what he truly was to Haruka? Tatsumi took a small breath to steady himself.

“You might want to sit for this,” Tatsumi suggested as he motioned with his hand to the empty chair across from him in the cafe.

Luckily, Haruka had the sense to keep his voice down enough not to gain attention from the occupants of the cafe. He looked at the boy square in the eyes with determination, before he started to explain the situation.

“Yes. I have lied. But it was not because I meant to hurt you. it was quite the opposite in fact. I know I could not make it to our appointed time and you saw me doing something to the opposite of my excuse. I do apologize for that. But it was only so that I could protect you Haruka. To protect you from the world that I live in, which one that you should really not enter.”

He took a moment to pause in order to let the words sink in for Haruka.

“I’m not alive. I died several decades ago and am now considered a shinigame, or if you would like, a death god of sorts. Do you understand why I lied now?” 

Well at least the boy hadn’t run away or anything just yet. It was understandable for him to feel the way he did. Honestly, Tatsumi had been shocked when he realized he was dead as well, but eventually it would fade. Now it was just his job to get Haruka to understand why he was telling him all of this. Giving a small sigh, Tatsumi wondered for the hundredth time if telling Haruka the truth was such a good idea. But it was too late now. He had to see this all the way through now.


“Haruka, I know it’s a rather strange concept to take in, but it’s the truth. There are a few more like myself out there, but we all have some of the basic powers of being what most of come to call us shinigami. Most cannot see us, but we make ourselves seen and allow ourselves to make our forms a bit more physical in order to eat or drink, or even have this sort of conversation. Hence why I’m allowed to talk to you like this and drink coffee. Honestly, we are very much like humans, except…if we die, there is nothing left.”

Tatsumi paused to let it sink in for the boy. He made sure to keep eye contact throughout the ordeal before the boy thought he was somehow joking. But knowing how intelligent Haruka was, there was probably no need to doubt him. It would just take a proper explanation. He just had to hope the explanation he was giving was good enough for the other to understand. 

"There’s more people like you?" He wasn’t really asking a question, but more so repeating what was said in confusion and disbelief. He was still trying to wrap his head around this sudden, strange revelation. Apparently the secretary was not a human, or alive for that matter, and actually a ‘shinigami’. To top it all off, he normally wouldn’t even be able to see the man. He was truly boggled by the new information, but he didn’t feel angry with Tatsumi for keeping such a huge secret and lying to him. Or not yet, at least. He was too focused on his confusion to feel much else.

"So, you… You are real, right? In a sense, at least? I haven’t just imagined you, like an imaginary friend?” He asked. He joked lightly, but he was actually rather concerned. His friendship with the guy was real, wasn’t it? They really had made some memories and bonded?


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Lauren Oliver, Liesl & Po

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